Air Texture Volume IV
Air Texture; AIR004; 2xCD; 2014; compilation

"The Air Texture series returns for its fourth outing, this time under the helm of Steve Hauschildt and BNJMN. Each selector has chosen a range of blissful, ambient electronic music, running a range from glistening synth-led material to more abstract droning passages. Steve Hauschildt's own 'Watertowers' opens the compilation, a gorgeous piece of twinkling piano and synth lines that bend and shine like morning dew. Tracks from Heathered Pearls and Pulse Emitter opt for similarly evocative stylings, while Dino Spiluttini and Sarah Davachi beling in murkier territory. Although no less powerful, BNJMN's disc of selections feel less organic and more inspired by machinery - tracks by Lukid and Legowelt and robotic suggestions and sci-fi imaginings the order of things." --Bleep

Alien Vacation
Expansive; EE07CS; cassette; 2014; image, image

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Recorded late 2012, early 2013, and the last in a cycle of works composed on paper before moving into a more improvisational style. This album also utilizes acoustic percussion instruments. Professionally duplicated on chrome tape, download coupon included, and available digitally on Bandcamp.

reviews: Decoder

Planetary Scale Synth Hypnosis
Metal Postcard; MP72; 2CD; 2014; image, image

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reviews: Star's End, The Answer Is In The Beat

Constellation Tatsu; PURR 0040; C60 cassette; 2014/1/7; image

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"Under the city, deep within the solid rock and foundation, wayfaring messengers spring cosmic illumination. This is no chance encounter, but a utopian refuge where we can touch the frosty blue flames with our finger-tips."

Improvised by Daryl Groetsch, Portland, Oregon. Tracks 1, 2 and 3 on 9/21/2013, tracks 4 and 5 on 9/27/2013. Equipment list: Ensoniq VFX-SD, E-mu Morpheus, two ARPIEs, DSI Mopho, Yamaha TX81Z, TC Electronics M300.

reviews: Pied Paper, Tiny Mix Tapes


Crater Lake
Immune; IMMUNE 026; LP; 2013; image

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"Crater Lake was mastered and cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich in Berlin and is pressed on high quality virgin vinyl, packaged in a full color jacket featuring cover artwork from Will Hutchinson. Crater Lake is the first full length Pulse Emitter album on Immune following the side-long contribution to Immune's 2012 Record Store Day 4 way split release. Limited first pressing is on blue vinyl. A free download coupon is included."

"Limited first pressing on blue vinyl of the latest full-length from big VT fave Daryl Groetsch aka Pulse Emitter: Crater Lake takes inspiration from Crater Lake in Oregon as well as “the moons of Jupiter and Saturn” and it is a wildly ambitious side, with Groetsch using walls of synth and electronics to generate an overwhelming sense of cosmic awe. Where much of contemporary synth music feels bathetic, reductive and kinda cheesy, Groetsch blows the new age out of the head shop with an ominous, dramatic atmosphere and the kinda melodic complexity that would trade 70s docudrama/occult soundtracks with the sound of planets turning slowly in space. The opener “Europa” is profoundly melancholy and lonely while spinning complex almost orchestral progressions into new zones of empty. The second piece “Io” is a mind-blower, coming over like prime era Coil, though more Lost Gas Giants Of The Cosmos than Lost Rivers Of London, before breaking down into interplanetary chatter and high-spectrum brutality. The flip slowly re-introduces the brooding, classical themes as we float further out – or in – to the mystery. A major modern avant electronic outing, comes with a download, highly recommended." -David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

reviews: Tiny Mix Tapes, Fluid Radio, Ad Hoc, The Fader

Outdoor Session
Cosmic Winnetou; CW14; C60 cassette; 2013; image

SOLD OUT cassette
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"lovely synth stuff to lose yourself in. recommended for listening sessions with sunbeams on your skin. but its magic works without that too, promise."

Improvised outside on a sunny day (Aug 17th, 2013) in Portland, Oregon. No overdubs. Instruments played: Ensoniq VFX-SD, E-mu Morpheus, ARPIE, DSI Mopho, TC Electronics M300. Special thanks to Günter Schlienz.

reviews: Tabs Out, Pied Paper


Pulse Emitter/Date Palms/Expo 70/Faceplant
Immune; IMMUNE 023; 2xLP; 2012; image

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This four way split 2xLP features exclusive full sides of material from Pulse Emitter, Date Palms, Expo 70, and Faceplant (Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights). The material was mastered and cut to vinyl by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at D&M in Berlin and pressed to high quality virgin vinyl at RTI. The 2xLP is packaged in a beautiful uncoated stock jacket featuring visual artwork by Will Hutchinson and is limited to only 1,000 copies worldwide with a free download coupon.

Aguirre; ZORN19; LP; 2012; image

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"Pulse Emitter joins the Aguirre catalogue with a stunning new album full of clear cosmic tones for the new space age. Artwork by Caroline Teagle, Pressed on 180gr. vinyl, Limited edition of 400 copies"

"Hypnotically beautiful new LP from the undisputed king of planetary scale synth hypnosis, Daryl Groetsch aka Pulse Emitter. As the title suggests this LP is based around a series of visionings of praterhuman timescale, ancient to future. The music has some of the gothic beauty of Hermann Nitsch's church organ work but with a surreal retro/future cartoon Dali aspect that is somewhere between classic early James Ferraro sides like Marble Surf and Klaus Schulze circa Black Dance/Timewind. "Spaceship" is a particularly eerie evocation of outer spaceways and nightside language, combining the alien phonetics of Close Encounters with Sun Ra-esque cosmo equations and weeping synthesized strings. Very beautiful. "Pangaea" matches the sound of submerged continents disappearing beneath lapping waves of electricity with a melancholy synth requiem while "Immortality" presents a dystopian vision of electronic life extension that combines Blade Runner sci-fi-isms with subliminal downloads of celestial DNA. No one touches Pulse Emitter in terms of personally-sourced visions of synthesised eternities and this is another major mover. Edition of 400 copies on 180g vinyl. Highly recommended." -David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

reviews: Tiny Mix Tapes, End Hits


Spiritual Vistas
Cylindrical Habitat Modules / Expansive; EE06LP; LP; 2011; recorded 2010; image

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"when this post-millennial fascination with 70's / 80's "patch-cord" electronic music & it's subsequent immaculate birth from the ashes of the noise-scene gets pared down to a handful of progenitors, daryl groetsch will likely be one of them, as his steadfast explorations over the prior decade have yielded some of the genre's finest moments ... case-in-point being this impeccably-assembled set of four "song-length" pieces ; each doing a damn good job at avoiding the catch-all trappings that would link lesser productions inexorably with the past ... daryl's is a music that both demonstrates an archivist's knowledge of "classic-era" tropes while simultaneously acting as a calling card for the contemporary reality of module-based electronic systems ; and for that, he's become one of the few artists that transcends both a love of gear and a love of music (seriously, a very small cross-section have managed this) ... ... that said, even the retro-luddite with appreciate the scalar / modal transgressions herein, always remaining light & airy without (con)descending into the whole dolphin / crystal thing that sours a less conceptually - strong affair ... along with last last year's ultra eczema lp, i'm hearing this as his strongest effort yet ; of course this lp is highly recommended to anyone wanting to hear a great example of the state of things ca. 2011 ..." -Mimaroglu Music Sales

"Major new release from Daryl Groetsch aka Pulse Emitter, still the stand-out performer to come out of the whole cosmo-synth explosion. Spiritual Vistas spans four tracks of heady devotional synth spectra that combine the high gothic mass style of early planet-devouring Tangerine Dream with a deep elemental/environmental feels that is profoundly affecting. The opening "Tree Lined Asphalt" conjures the lonely ghost of Nurse With Wound's Soliloquy For Lilith with glassy tones generating eerie circular melodies that dissolve into each other again and again while hinting at stately melodic arcs. "Moonlit Valley" hovers in the sky over the whole Neu/Harmonia cultus with simple ticker-tape melodies overwhelmed with sighing waves of distant synth. Unlike the bulk of the current crop there's little 80s nostalgia or new wave fluff to Groetsch's vision of new synthesized sound and side two's beautiful "High Altitude Golden Sunset" is a case in point, a music of awe-inspiring beauty that is as momentous as Ligeti or Gorecki and as cosmo-focussed as your favourite space cadet (mine's Sergius Golowin, in case you're wondering). No one is making synth music that feels so organic, so rapturous and so 'in tune' with the contours of outer and inner space as Groetsch and this just might be the masterpiece that we've been waiting for from him. You could live inside this. Edition of 500 copies. Highly recommended." -David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

"Incomparable new full-length from Daryl Groetsch's Pulse Emitter project, and HANDS DOWN album of the year, already. I want to say this is the culmination and apogee of composed synthesizer music in the new millennium, but I guarantee Daryl's got plenty more tricks up his sleeve. The profound development of Daryl's music is more and more apparent with each release, from the crackly, hollow modular nightmares of his early sides to the heartbreakingly beautiful tonal architecture of "Spiritual Vistas", each key and each turn of a knob is a giant stride for the genre as a whole. Bringing to mind some mid-period David Borden at times, or Vangelis' Blade Runner score, this is truly transcendental, emotive music. No joke, Pulse Emitter solidifies itself as the best of the best with this colossal album. The result of almost a year's work, Daryl reduces all of his one-take, live to a tape deck competitors (myself included) to almost nothing. Four deeply contemplated, brilliantly composed analog symphonies that could literally be played for any music fan. It's almost impossible for me not to toss around bold proclamations when talking about this album, but really, this is pretty much as good as it gets. Edition of 500 on black vinyl." -Cylindrical Habitat Modules

cover art by Julian Gulyas, photographs by Daryl Groetsch

reviews: Zen Effects

Forest, Mountain, Valley
Tranquility Tapes; TQ14; c50; 2011; recorded late 2010, early 2011; image

SOLD OUT cassette
mp3s at: Bandcamp

"It's an honor to present new work by one of the most talented and dedicated purveyors of synthesizer music working today: Portland's Daryl Groetsch. Inspired by the environmental majesty surrounding Groetsch's home in the Pacific Northwest, Forest, Mountain, Valley explores the allure and mystery of nature through three long form compositions. Each movement unfolds with utmost patience, utilizing space brilliantly as they are paradoxically minimal in structure and dynamics, yet bursting at the seams with raw beauty and emotion. Recorded in pristine fidelity and played with precision, synthesizer tones are stunningly present, allowing gorgeous melodies to envelop the ears entirely. In just under an hour, Groetsch takes the listener on an entire journey: from the climb, to the vista, and finally to the descent. Just sit back and let the master be your guide. On pro-dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes, featuring designs by Caroline Teagle."


Cosmic Images
Expansive; EE01CD; CD; 2010; recorded 9/2009; image

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"Cosmic Images is Pulse Emitter's deepest and most personal work to date. Combining his growling modular synthesizer patterns with sweeping keyboard motifs, the beauty and vastness of the universe is evoked in five movements, each based on nebulas, galaxies, etc. The sections morph into one another for one epic prog synth journey. CD in jewel case, mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk, art by Daniel Lopatin. The first release on Daryl Groetsch's private press label, Expansive."

"Self-released CD from Pulse Emitter aka Daryl Groetsch. With titles like "Eagle Nebula" and "Pleiades Cluster" as well as a dedication to "beings on other worlds also admiring the stars", Cosmic Images is set for the heart of the sun, a beautiful series of outer space meditations that connect contemporary synth styles to the gothic black hole of Zeit-era Tangerine Dream/Cyborg-era Klaus Schulze. Sure, there are a whole bunch of solo synth cosmonauts out there right now, but Groetsch is the master of revelatory cosmo-drama and this is possibly his most "beautiful" set to date, Artwork by Daniel Lopatin. Recommended." -David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue

reviews: Animal Psi; Foxy Digitalis


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People Who Do Noise, 2008, documentary
Interviewed and appear in performance
Directed by Adam Cornelius

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, 2011, documentary
Three musical works used in soundtrack
Directed by Adam Cornelius

Lowlife, 2012
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Directed by Seth Smith

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